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El valor del pregrado: estudio en los EEUU

Assessing the Value of an Undergrad Degree A new study from Academically Adrift‘s co-author seeks to evaluate a broad range of student experiences and outcomes as well as new ways to measure learning. By Lilah Burke September 27, 2019 3 COMMENTS ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/SKYNESHER A broad
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El debate sobre la meritocracia y la educación superior

Does meritocracy stall social mobility, entrench an undeserving elite, and undermine trust in higher education? Joan Wong for The Chronicle September 13, 2019 That seems to be the emerging bipartisan consensus. “On the evidence we have, the meritocratic ideal ends up being just as und
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Costo de las universidades: qué y cómo calcular

Managing Class Sizes (Part 1) September 18th, 2019 – Alex Usher One of the things that many people misunderstand about higher education is the way the economics of classrooms actually work; in particular about the relationship between enrolments, teaching complements, teaching l
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