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Doctorantes sin oportunidades en la academia

Early career academics ‘victims of their own brains’ Aspirants are convinced they can succeed against the odds because they have always succeeded in the past, analysis of ‘quit lit’ suggests July 21, 2020 John Ross  Doctoral students’ prodigious intelligence consigns them to a life of
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Tendencias en la educación terciaria – EE.UU.

Five trends postsecondary education leaders need to watch this fall Strada Education Network As some college campuses start welcoming students back to campus this fall, the effects of COVID-19 on Americans’ plans and expectations for their education will be important to consider. July
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El dilema de los aranceles en la pandemia

Colleges Face a No-Win Dilemma: To Cut or Not to Cut Tuition? By Lee Gardner JULY 13, 2020  PREMIUM Amid all the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic for higher education, two things are becoming clear. Most students yearn to come back to campus in the fall, in spite of the risks. And
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