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Diálogo sobre la universidad en los Estados Unidos

The University Run Amok! Higher education’s insatiable appetite for doing more will be its undoing By Adam Daniel and Chad Wellmon JULY 29, 2018  PREMIUM In 2017, the University of Virginia reported an operating budget of almost $3.2 billion, assets of $11.2 billion, and liabilities o
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Lecturas sobre educación superior y futuro

Volume 2               Issue 4                 July 2018            ISSN 2227-9679  We are pleased to bring you Volume 2 Issue 4 of ERUDITIO, electronic journal of the World Academy of Art and Science. Click here to download the PDF of Volume 2 Issue 4. CONTENTS Papers presented at th
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Historia de la educación superior en USA

Scholars, Know Thy History: Higher Ed Has Always Struggled to Survive in the U.S. By Leonard Cassuto JULY 17, 2018 If I were a graduate-school dean, I would propose that every doctoral student be required to take a course on the history of American higher education. Schools of educati
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