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Querella de las ciencias y las humanidades

THE CHRONICLE REVIEW The ‘Two Cultures’ Fallacy Stop pitting science and the humanities against each other By Jennifer Summit and Blakey Vermeule JULY 01, 2018 PREMIUM Copyright © 2018 The Chronicle of Higher Education When we were teaching at Stanford in the late 2000s, the terms 
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¿Innovación disruptiva en la educación superior?

When Will Tech Disrupt Higher Education? KENNETH ROGOFF, 5 February 2018 Universities pride themselves on producing creative ideas that disrupt the rest of society, yet higher-education teaching techniques continue to evolve at a glacial pace. Given education’s centrality to raising p
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Educación de ingenieros: una visión de futuro

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering By Colleen Flaherty February 9, 2018 The American Society for Engineering Education published two new reports as part of its Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering project. A previously published report from the society
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